Galaxy    Super Nova     Pro-Bass


Astral series Guitar

My favorite Guitar which I get the most inquires about was the winged Astral line of Guitars and Basses which I built in the early 1970’s.  They were wild but really worked with such original ideas as peg tuners,26 1/2inch scale, individual bridges, hexophonic pickups and side’s that were removable and ”changable”.

Astral Guitar

              The 1978 Pro-Star Line

Galaxy Bass

Pictured to the right is the winged Galaxy  Bass with a walnut stick type body and red wing’s which could be changed at will to other colors to match your wildest outfit, and we had some in my original band the Dave Bunker Show 

Vintage Pro-Star Guitar


The solid maple Pro-star™ built in the mid 70’s was known for it’s comfort of design. It has great original features such as Individual Bridges, Fine Tuners, the Tension Free Neck® and reverse on the body tuning, balance is superb, sound even better. We still get orders for this great playing and looking Guitar. Some great artist who used these were Howard Leese  , Nancy Wilson, Waylon to name just a few.


Removable Wings

Shown right are just a few of the changable wing colors which are available on the winged Astral Series.

Vintage Guitar

1970’s Pro-Bass

This flying object had a 26.5 inch scale which I still Custom make on some models

Super Nova