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  The Dave Bunker patented "TOUCH   GUITAR" the second patented string instrument in the USA

  A little bit of Jimmy Hendrix being played on the musical instrument called the "Touch Guitar™"





    Listen to How the Touch Guitar™ dual neck instrument works


The BunkerElectronic Mute”

The Bunker “Individual Bridges”

Tensions Free necks for more “Sustain and Tone”

The “Magnum Guitar bridge”

Single string “Hex Pickups”







Dave Bunker Biography

Just Imagine this...

"The ability to play Guitar and Bass together, at the same time!" the best regular 4 or 5(opt) string standard bass you will ever play, you can even order it with the lower neck as a 26.5" inch scale guitar neck for either Touch Mode or standard play Mode.

Easy to play and with a sound so big and full bodied you wont believe your ears. 


SRP- $8,995.00 BGTG-2003CWalnut
Touch Guitar™ Factory direct $6,995.00
now with the total midi control package

Click here for a complete description on how the
Touch Guitar™ is played


Our new (TM)Touch Guitar™ is the result of over forty years of development in guitar and bass design.
The all new TG2003 (TM)Touch Guitar™ benefits from more than 6 U.S. Patents, making it the innovative instrument you can buy!

Bunker TG2001 Touch Guitar™ Features-

  • Touch Guitar™ Neck -

Fitted with angled super-alloy frets spaced at .6 tenths inch for fast finger movement and electronically muted  for dynamic response  and  low 120 db down noise level.

  • Touch Bass Neck -

Full scale with a comfortable 12" radius and includes our
patented Tension-Free neck system and electronic mute.

  • Hex-Humbucker Guitar Pickups -

12 Individual, Noise-cancelling units with 12 balance controls

  • Quad-Humbucking Bass Pickups -

8 Individual, Noise-cancelling units with 8 balance controls

  • Electro-Mute System -

Processor controlled, 12 Guitar and 8 Bass Channels

  • Volume and Panning Controls for Guitar -

Knob-within-a-knob design for fast, easy use

  • Dual Wide-Band Equalizers for Guitar -
  • 30db range EQ

Huge 15db range sliders, Individual for neck and bridge pickups

  • Volume and Panning Controls for Bass -

Knob-within-a-knob design for fast, easy use

  • Parametric Equalizer Controls for Bass -

Knob-within-a-knob design for Boost/Cut and Frequency Shift

  • Vertical Tuning Bridge for Guitar -

Constructed of Dupont Delrin and machined Brass

  • Fine Tuners for Guitar and Bass-

Each string has their very own fine tuner

  • Through Body Bass Bridges -

4 Individual, fully adjustable bridges

  • Adjustable Guitar and Bass Nut Assembly -

Lets you set open string height at both ends of the necks

  • Protective String Cover -

Vibration isolated to prevent unwanted mechanical noises

  • Mode Control Switch -

3-position mute selection

  • Stereo Output -

Lets you split the sounds of the Guitar and Bass

  • 9-volt jack -

Use external power adapter (supplied)

  • Nicad Battery Pack

Recharges as you play, always charged!!!!!

  • Suggested retail price -  $6,995.00, call for our special factory direct
  • price available now.

Includes hard case, stereo cord and power adapter





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