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Top Mount Through-Body Bridge Installation.

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The Top Mount model requires four small (1/4") holes to be drilled through the instruments body.

First, position supplied template on face of instrument. Locate this template on center with current bridge location. If this is a new instrument- map the proper location for the intonation line (2x the distance between the leading edge of the Nut and the center of the 12th fret). You may use thread or thin cotton string in place of the two outer strings to help you guide the bridge saddle into position.

Now, mark where the new mount holes will be using a center punch and carefully drill a 0.150" hole, 0.2 inches deep at each mark.

Press (or lightly tap) "CC" inserts into "AA" row holes.

Install the supplied 4-40x1/2" pan head screws into the (AA) brass inserts (row closest to pickups) until flush to top (or instruments face).

Next, using a 1/4" drill bit (supplied) open up (re-drill) "BB" row holes (the row closest to bottom edge of body) completely through the instruments body. Use care in doing this as not to harm the paint or finish.

Fom the back side of the body press (or lightly tap) in the supplied "DD" brass inserts until flush with surface.

Now you can install your bridge units into their mount holes.

Adjust the hieght of your new bridge using the (supplied) 1/16" Allen Wrench. Rotating the "AA" screws equally with the rear elevation screws as to keep each bridge unit level with the face or top of your instrument.

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