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 We build all of our arch-top Guitars out of solid blocks of wood, using the inside for solid body electrics, and the outside for the most natural guitar you will ever play. Pictured at right is the Wishbone design, a radical advancement which allows the entire shell of the guitar to resonate freely. The Wishbone design combines with the equally important Tension-Free™ Neck system to completely remove string tension from the Body and Neck of the guitar. Simply put, your Bunker Wishbone Guitar will SMOKE the competition! No other Archtop guitar can match the sustain, resonance and tone!

Tension Free Necks™







 At Bunker we believe that the neck is the backbone of a really great guitar or bass. Because of this, we will not build our instruments with anything less than a Tension Free Neck.™ These necks use a 3/8" cold rolled steel bar to support the strings at the headstock, thus removing all string-tension stress from the neck, leaving the neck free to resonate as it should, while eliminating dead spots, and giving a much quicker response to the note. All Tension Free Necks carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY!




 In the top drawing of a conventional guitar neck truss rod, the neck is actually compressed between points A and C. This, along with the string tension, kills the neck resonance at point B.

On a Tension Free Neck,™ which is separated at B from the headstock, all of the stress is on the steel rod beyween A and C. A pin through the neck at point F secures the neck and fingerboard, leaving the stress on the steel rod at point C.

On the back of each neck, there is an access hole where you can adjust the neck to forward or back bow at D. These necks can be retrofit to any guitar or bass.

It's best to call or email for pricing, but the average Tension Free Neck for a guitar is $250.00, and for a 4 string bass $285.00. We also do retrofit at the factory which averages $300.00 per neck. All Retrofit Tension Free™ Necks carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY! If you're looking for something really great to improve your current Guitar or Bass, THIS IS IT!






Dave Bunker tells how Tension Free™ began:






When I was building and designing my first guitar in the mid-50's, I worked for Boeing Airplane co. as a production controller. This job put me close to some of the finest engineers in the world. At one of their holiday parties I brought up some of the problems I had found with the conventional type truss rod. In their off-hours, some of the engineers working on the Bomark missile helped me on ideas, and this is how the Tension Free Neck™ was born.









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