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Surface Mount Bridge Installation.

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The Surface Mount model mounts your new Bridges without drilling any holes through the body.

First, position supplied template on face of instrument. Locate this template on center with current bridge location, making sure that the intone position is right on the (g) first string, when you loosen the two small intone adjust screws you can move the intonation piece back and forth, the first string should be intonated where it is set from the factory so you have a small move forward and lots of movement back.

 If your string spacing (distance between strings at the point of the bridge) is different than the supplied template, use only one of the 4 hole guides and carefully move each time to the next string, using the template as a guide you will be able to keep the brass insert holes at exactly 1.5 inches center to center and in perfect alignment with the strings.

Now, mark where the new mount holes will be using a center punch and carefully drill a 3/16th" hole, 0.3 inches deep at each (E-I) punch marks.

Press (or lightly tap) "(I)" brass inserts into "E-I" row holes.

Install the supplied 6;32x1/2" pan head screws into the (I) brass inserts (row closest to pickups) until flush to top (or instruments face).

Next, using a 1/4" drill bit open up (re-drill) "H-G" row holes to a depth of 0.4".

Next, screw in the supplied brass threaded inserts into each of the four "G" row holes. Tighten these inserts until flush with top (of instruments face).

Now you can set your bridge units over the inserts and install the furnished 6-32x1/2" countersink lockdown screws (H) into the (G)  brass inserts (row closest to bottom edge of body).

To adjust the string height  loosen "H" screws and  then adjust "E" Elevation screws to desired height. If you must raise “E” over 1/16th inch, then you must insert the supplied brass washers between the bridge body and the brass insert at (H) so as to keep the bridge level, you can just back (H) out to let the rear of the bridge come up level, but you will sacrifice tone if you don’t install the washers and re-tighten (H)

Once done tighten "H" screws to lock-in your strings height. If you need technical assistance call 206-718-9943

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