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      In the next few weeks we will be starting a new contest and will be  showing you on these pages the building of your guitar from STUMP to STAGE(TM)  You will be able to follow the process of the building of a Bunker Guitar from finding and logging the tree to the finished product. "This Guitar or bass could be yours"!!!!

maple forest
dave selecting the wood
quilt blocks
a satified customer
hard working Steve
the billets
computer design
solid rock roll

          Steve Sarff hard at work  cutting Guitar wood


Dave Bunker biography

Coming to these pages in a short time will be 
As you travel through our web site you will see original ideas that work. 
Our persistent research has led to the development of many advances in guitar and bass design and even a completely new instrument; The Touch Guitar™. 

The advances we have engineered have a "real" impact on tone and playability. The United States of America Patent Office agrees, Bunker Guitar Technology has been awarded several design patents. These patented designs are featured in our guitars and basses. 

We build every instrument with great care. Quality is "built-in" to all of our instruments, providing you with many enjoyable years of reliable use. 

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Dave Bunker, Founder/CEO

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