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At Bunker Guitars we take great pride in our workmanship.

We build all of our guitars to guarantee quality at every level, each guitar is equipped with our patented bridge and our Tension Free Neck to insure great tonal quality and sustain

Shown directly below is our Bat-375 "Emerald Gold"
It has a .75 inch deep carved arch top made of the finest spruce with Mahogany sides and the arched  back is highly figured tiger maple.


Shown below is our AC200 in white
The AC200 line is built from solid wood blocks carved to perfection of tone and balance featuring the patented wishbone system which eliminates all feed back yet retains the semi acoustic sound. This is a great all around guitar for many different styles of music and sounds

SRP-$2595.00 includes HS case

 Sale only $1695.00

Shown below is the AT-200Amber Burst Hollow Body Arch Top
We have several of the absolute Great playing AT-200 AB archtops. Many great artist such as Arlen Roth, John Abercrumbie, Tom Bresch and others have given thumbs up the this guitar.

SRP $2395.00, call for Factory direct price

 Sale only $1695.00

The GTB-354,5 and 6 Sunstar Bass
line featuring the lifetime warrantee Tension Free neck, Through body Bunker Magnum Bridges with Exotic figured western maple over dense alder body is truly a great feeling and sounding Bass.

SRP-$2395.00 Call for Factory Direst pricing. 1-425-483-1217

Sale only $1675.00

At Bunker Guitars were proud of our advanced technology in design and new ideas. 

Check out our Exclusive(patented) Through Body Bridge, standard on all of our new TG-2000 Touch Guitar™ musical instruments.

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design each string has its very own bridge assembly.

This eliminates vibrations between strings, which at low frequencies, causes standard type bridges to sound muddy.

Machined with the care normally afforded a fine Swiss watch, ingots of quality Bell Brass and fine steel are transformed into elegant, precision devices. They are even equipped with Fine-tuners for each string to help make "tuning-on-the-fly" a breeze.

These fine bridges are included on all of our solid body basses. They are also available as retro-fit parts that come in a kit with full documentation for easy installation on the bass you already own.

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design... Notes sound crisp, vibrant and clear and sustain is increased too!

Need more information?

Call us at 425/ 483-1217 or use our Direct Access page.

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