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Exiting things are happening

We are now in the process of arranging for set up display retail shop's where you will not only be able to have your favorite guitar serviced, but also see how we build our guitars and basses. Stay posted things are changing quickly for the better, and thanks for being patient

electronic engineer
Chuck Bennett heads up our State of the art High tech electronics department at BUNKER Guitar. In the next few weeks we will be posting and showcasing our new electronic package.

We at Bunker want to express our sadness to our friend Chuck who has suffered a severe stroke and wish Chuck our best. Chuck contributed the engineering on our wonderful Electronic Mute system and other great advances in pickup design.


Custom Shop


Service Dept.

Our Custom Shop can build an instrument, Guitar or Bass, to your exact specifications.
No order is too big. If your desires lead you to this level of purchasing, our Custom Shop is here to provide you with your hearts desire.


Our service department is here to provide quality repairs of all makes and models of guitars and basses.
Everything from re-fretting to custom electronics. We even take on small jobs like setups, intonation and pickup replacements.



Please Contact Us with your questions.  We're glad to be of Service!


We have a new setup-repair and service area and our customers are raving about the playability and sound being turned out by Burt and others "check it out"



Need more information?
call for factory direct pricing  360-652-9148  




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