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 Another group on board with Bunker Guitars "BTO" Randy Murray says
I've never played a better Guitar, (I can't put it down). Watch for upcoming photos and BTO's tour schedule

Arlen Roth - (Plays a Bunker AT 200)

"I look forward to every minute I play this guitar"


 Top Players choose Bunker...


John Abercrombie
International jazz guitar legend

Howard Leese

Kjell Benner
QUIET RIOT, John Mellencamp, tours and sessions too numerous to list

Jerry Duplessis
FugeesBass player

Steve Bargonetti
NYC session guitarist - Quincy Jones, Eartha Kitt, Sesame Street

Fabian Cooke
Acclaimed reggae bassist, Lion King soundtrack

Thom Bresh
Fingerstyle superpicker like his dad, Merle Travis

Bill Washer
Session guitarist - Liza Minelli

Corey "Funkafangez" Stoot
Major hip-hop/R&B guitar, Original Gangstas soundtrack

Jason Simmons
The Manhattans

Michael Dempsey
Nashville session bassist, The Nichols Brothers

Chris Neubauer & Michael Fath
Michael Fath's Virginia Rangers

Craig Thatcher
Guitarist, singer/songwriter

Curtis Cornelius
Staff bassist for Caesars Resorts

Nancy Wilson




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