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Bunker guitars "Made in America"
a family business for over 40 years.

Dear Friends and valued customers

At Bunker Guitars we take pride in every instrument we build, you will never become a number when you are a Bunker Guitar, Bass or Touch Guitar™ buyer, one call or email and you will recieve prompt and courteous service

  The whole Family 





The Bunker Family History
   Over 150 years of building fine quality Violins, Guitars, Basses and the unique Touch Guitar™ dual neck musical instruments.

  In the mid to late 1800's the Bunkers built Violins, in the 20th Century 
over 10,000 custom and production guitars have been built

  The Pro-Star series of Guitars and Basses built in the early to mid 70's in Tacoma Washington and played by many fine artist  have become very collectible over time

   between 1993 and 1996 PBC Guitar Technology of 
Coopersburg Pa. built several thousand American made Guitars 
and Basses 
for Hoshino of Japan(Ibanez)

   Dave's son David has become a very fine builder of his own line of shared ideas Guitars and Basses at Treker Guitars in Utah. In the early 90's when the Tension Neck needed improvement, David designed and patented a better and newer version

Daughters and Hubby's

Probably the greatest thing I have in life by far is my family, my Girls Teresa, Brenda and her hubby Rocky perform with me occasionally when time permits and John is not only a great father to my Grandkids but is learning to play the Touch Guitar™ (time permitting)

The complete Bunker Bunch





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