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CONTEST WINNER Tim Mercy  with his great band DOWN on MERCY is the winner of our first Sweepstakes Contest.

Tim Mercy has chosen the BG2000 our deep cut archtop electric with a special ebony fingerboard inlayed with pearl and abaloni with his special logo. In a few weeks when the Guitar is done we will show it and make a special presentation."Congratulations Tim". Stay tuned for more.

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Bunker Guitar Technology will be displaying their entire line of innovative products at the Winter trade show in Anaheim, California.  The trade show, which is the largest of its kind, is scheduled for late January, 2001.
Bunker Guitar Technology will be holding workshops and sales seminars at the trade show.  Also at the trade show Bunker Guitar Technology will be "signing" new dealers and distributors.

The show is also the venue of choice for the debut of Bunker Guitar Technology's patented "Electro-Mute" technology and line of products.  This technology is applicable to all guitar and bass players. Early (marketing) indications show that this product may have a substantial impact in the marketplace. Demonstrations are available at the Mill Creek/Bothell showroom.

Bunker Guitar Technology also wishes to announce the launch of a new Internet development project named "I-Touch" (Interactive Touch).  I-Touch is an interactive teaching studio delivered in real-time via the Internet and also includes a curriculum of free lessons for the benefit of all players of Touch Guitar™ instruments.

New dealers and teaching studios are currently being "signed." Those in business, interested in becoming an authorized dealer, may contact the company directly.  Opportunities are available local and abroad.



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