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                                            Dave Bunker on stage Las Vegas 1980




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Thanks for the good times Waylon

   Waylon and about every other artist one could mention performed at the Golden Nugget,the Mint the Horseshoe or the Four Queens  in Las Vegas when the Casino's knew how to treat customers right. 5-6 working bands everyday at the Nugget, great owners in the Blaines and the Green's who really cared about the artist and treated them with class. It''s Certainly not the same now. My band the Dave Bunker Show featuring the "Wilkinsons" was one of the main groups for 10 years having a blast working along side of such great musicians, though they all were a little crazy, and carried on a lot, they also knew how to treat one another. Waylon was my gambling partner many times and was fun to be around with his rich humor people loved him around town.
     I remember one night, after doing our sets at the Nugget, Waylon and me were playing 21 at one of the black jack tables when these two gorgeous lady's of the night sat down across the pit from us. After Waylon making a comment to them of how well they were endowed they in unison reached up and pulled there skimpy tops down to reveal all, needless to say the players got a little extra treat that night, good old Waylon, love him forever.

The great Johnny cash everybody’s friend

     Another artist the great Johnny Cash who spent much of his time at the Mint Casino just across the street from the Nugget was gifted with a great friend in Abbie Neal a wonderful lady and artist for many years in Las Vegas.   In my humble judgment I believe that Abby Neal probably saved Johnny's musical carrier, at least in Vegas. Many a night when Johnny was unable to perform Abby would round up guys like me to assist in getting him through his sets. We would hold Johnny by the back of his jacket through the big red curtain at the mint while he did his show so he didn't fall off the stool. He'd still put on a solid entertaining show even then. Thanks to you Abby wherever you are you were our best friend, God Bless you for it.
one great lady

   The way I became acquainted with Abby was at the Showboat Hotel and Casino it was my first job with the Wilkinson in Las Vegas. Abby's all girl band had not had time off in three years and needed someone to replace her girls for several weeks so she hired the Wilkinsons girls and of course I had to come along with the package,It was great fun. Actually my first job in Las Vegas was with Red Fox at the Silver Slipper on the strip. I walked in one day with my guitar and asked if they needed a guitar player and they told me to ask Red if he needed someone to play his breaks. Let me tell you right now for a 20 year old kid from Forks Washington, I mean that is the sticks, to spell such a wonderful entertainer as Red Fox was mind boggling to say the least and tender ears weren't tender for long listening to Reds act.

Dave Bunker has put his instruments (as well as his hair style) through many grueling paces.
His tenure as a "giggling musician" and a Luthier of many years is the cornerstone of Bunker Guitar Technology.

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version. And remember... Any one of the fashion styles seen below could come back at any time!







Dave Bunker on "Georgia on my Mind"




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