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(TM)Stump to Stage Guitars

 Bunker Guitars and Maple Valley Tonewoods have teamed up to produce the first ever
(TM)Stump to Stage Guitar and Bass manufacturing company in America.
Maple Valley Tone woods the premier processer of fine exotic woods

new Port Angeles Washington guitar plant

We build our guitars where the trees grow. This is our new manufacturing facility in
Lake Stevens Washington


selecting the best trees

Cutting the trees

logs arriving at mill

From locating the finest select trees to properly curing them into select lumber to our modern CNC milling machine's we do it right and best at Bunker.

high tech manufacturing

Guitars being milled on our cnc machine

drying the wood  


hauling them to the mill

logs ready to mill

maple logs ready to saw

sorting the lumber

The logs are laser scanned for the best cuts of figure wood

This kiln draws out the water from the wood

raw maple blocks

The blocks are prepared for the drying process

sawing the logs


At Bunker Guitars were proud of our advanced technology in design and new ideas. 



check out our Exclusive(patented) Through Body Bridge, standard on all of our new TG-2000 Touch Guitar™ dual neck musical instruments.

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design each string has its very own bridge assembly.

This eliminates vibrations between strings, which at low frequencies, causes standard type bridges to sound muddy.

Machined with the care normally afforded a fine Swiss watch, ingots of quality Bell Brass and fine steel are transformed into elegant, precision devices. They are even equipped with Fine-tuners for each string to help make "tuning-on-the-fly" a breeze.

These fine bridges are included on all of our solid body basses. They are also available as retro-fit parts that come in a kit with full documentation for easy installation on the bass you already own.

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design... Notes sound crisp, vibrant and clear and sustain is increased too!



Need more information?

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