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With this Bunker Designed "MAGNUM" Bridge, you get solid contact between the bridge and your guitar top for the greatest possible fullness and sustain. Machined from Bell Brass (not cast) and hand polished to perfection.

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Each string has it's own Gold or Chrome plated intonator with up to 5 different height available to accomodate any fingerboard radius you may have. The "MAGNUM" Bridge also features our "16 way" adjustment with over 5/8 of an inch of intonation movement and that means even the most stubborn guitar will intonate!

We install these fine bridges on all of our solid body Guitars, They are also available as retro-fit parts that come in a kit with full documentation for easy installation.

With the Bunker Magnum Bridge Design... Notes will sound crisp, vibrant and clear and sustain is increased too!

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