Touch Guitars




Custom and Special Guitars


Bunker Guitars "first"  the original Touch Guitar™ --The first (patented) headless guitar
The first individual bridge system--the Tension Free(TM) Neck system--The Electronic Mute
The  first (pat)Fine Tunners on guitars--The (pat) Magnum Bridge.

for spcl  artist


classic Jazz guitar

the MVP magnum guitar

the Ultimate "V"

dynamic archtop guitar

custom tele

LP style guitar




New Guitars from Bunker/Maple Valley Tone Woods


2K2 archtop solid body

DSC02175.JPG         Spalted Maple top NOVA Wishbone design

justinhead stock

Redwood burl 2k2 guitar


Tech tips by Haik


Jerrimy Kidder  Hollow-body                  new                          Solid Body Archtop