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Call - -  801-455-4493

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       Built ----- to a Standard, not _____ to a price




Bunker Guitars is one of the oldest guitar companies in America. Founded in 1958 by David Douglas Bunker - - - Bunker Guitars has built many thousands of custom guitars, basses and Touch Guitar™ dual neck instruments.



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      We buy Trees’ and

      Blocks  we'll even build

          You a great                   

        Bunker Guitar

         for your tree!


 customers and custom guitars        The HAMMER™


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                                                  BUNKER GUITARS   builds all Guitars and Basses  UP  to a standard, not  DOWN  to a price


                                                                        Bunker  Guitars  has lead the industry for the last 50 years in new and better technology


               The first fine tuners – The Tension Free neck – The first Individual Bridge system  -- The Electronic Mute – The Dave Bunker  Touch Guitar™




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1956 original Touch Guitar


Ibanez originals



           GTB-354 Pro-Bass


          1956 astral


   The first Touch Guitar™ Dual Neck Instrument


     Custom Ibanez





Treat yourself to a concert of Touch Guitar™ music and your favorite songs contact  Dave for a brand new experience in music from old classics, jazz, country to vintage rock.touch.html


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Guitars & Basses"It's hot"
(TM)Electronic Mute 
Pickup System 



Bunker Guitars "first"the original Touch Guitar™--The first (patented) headless guitar
The first individual bridge system--the Tension Free(TM) Neck system--The Electronic Mute
The  first (pat) Fine Tunners on guitars--The (pat) Magnum Bridge.





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