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ASK YOURSELF THIS!!!! Have you ever wanted to play midi without any concern about unwanted notes triggered by noise or open strings --NOW YOU CAN--- The Bunker Electro mute pickup system lets you rock wild, You wont believe the difference," finally your free".



Call 206-718-9943  for technical assistance cost and specifications.

The Bunker Electronic Mute "patented" System lets you have the option of turning the string on and off by either touch or picking, it also lets you have what we call Six Sense which lets you play open but keeps the string off until wanted, the third option is what we call "Garbage Mode" or on all the time as a regular guitar is.

This Pickup system also features:
     A. 3 Band EQ for each pickup bank
     B. 6 individual Humbucker per pickup(one per string)
     C. Each string has it's own volume trim pot
     D. Full range Tilt/Tilt Tone system(stacked pot)
     E. Volume/Pan control
     F. Midi Patch board

     Send in your favorite guitar or bass and we will guarantee it back out to you in less than 5 working days.

 The Touch Guitar™ and it's unique history was selected by the Seattle Times as there feature story to run with the opening of the great Paul Allen EMP museum. "Check it out below"

Why Dave Bunker is not singing the blues

After 40 years of tinkering, the dreamer of a new guitar holds in his hands not only an example of musical innovation and technological know-how, which EMP seeks to embody, but the work of a stubborn Northwest free spirit.

See the whole story!

The Seattle Times, over the course of the past eight weeks, interviewed Dave and his company in detail. Both in words and in color pictures you will find this interview featured as the "cover" story in Pacific Northwest magazine.

Be sure to pickup your copy of the Seattle Times and read (and see) all about Dave Bunker and his innovative instruments.

The magazine is included with the Sunday Edition of the Seattle Times.



Need more information?

pricing  360-652-9148  



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