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We believe in our products and we want you to believe in our products too.

Our 10-day Money Back Guarantee is provided with you in mind. Now you can buy with confidence and a Guarantee.

Bunker Guitar Technology's 10 Day Return Policy-

The following is our "Better-than-Gold" 10 day Return Policy.
On this page you will find the conditions of our Guarantee.

Condition of Return

If you need to return a guitar or bass it must be accompanied by all original materials including packaging, documentation, etc and your receipt. Refunds are issued only to the original purchaser.
Any missing or physically damaged items and/or original materials disqualify that item from eligibility for return. Any damage found on the returned product will be discounted per industry standards and/or the actual factory replacement or repair cost in restoring product to its original state.

Exchangeable Items

All individual items that are inoperative are exchangeable within ten (10) days of purchase.  After that the item's replacement or service issues may be covered by other warrantees or guarantees supplied with the product.

Please Note-
You may call or email our service department to help with return merchandise authorization, shipping and other information you may need.

All Bunker Guitars and Basses are warranted for the length of time Specified on your warranty mail in card from date of purchase.









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