The New 2010 Galaxy Stealth series “Bunker Custom Guitars” bass line






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The Exciting:  1976 Bunker "Galaxy Stealth Bass"


2.      This is the first Left handed Galaxy Stealth bass. None were built in the original 1970’sseries!

3.      The pickups are hand wound, single coil, with alnico5, inch round by 1 inch long magnets. Double shielded with copper inside and separate chrome surround tubes. Each pickup has a 2.2 k ohm output, an have the option of being single coil outputs, at 2.2k ohm, or parallel 8.8k ohm output.

4.      The wood is big leaf western flame maple, and was logged, milled, and processed by Dave Bunker. Each wing has interior cavities, for proper balance and weight characteristics. Also the wing cavities are used for ad on “Electronic mute system”, when used.

5.      The “Bunker Individual Bridges”, are excellent in isolating strings, one from the other, which eliminates almost all cross talk, creating a more positive and explosive reaction from the string. (Less of a muddy sound)

6.      The “Tension Free,” neck is a patented feature on all Bunker Guitars, and eliminates all dead spots, commonly found on many basses. It also takes all of the string pull off of the fingerboard, and extends the sustain qualities of each note.

7.      All hardware covers, and parts, were custom built for this Galaxy Stealth Bass.


The most dynamic bass you will ever play 

This neck has pearl block with diagonal strips of abalony and is reversed if desired
the edge(top 0f neck) binding is optional



Galaxy Stealth



Factory Direct-

now $5,595.00   Life time neck warrantee



Thickness 1.6 inches at edge, 2.00 inches at center. Arched back wings (.70" depth each).
Measuring 16" wide by 21" Featuring the Bunker patented “Tension Free Neck” system that provides a very vibrant "stress free" sound. 



Scale Length-

32 inches.




Carved and pocketed, from solid blocks of tone woods our standard model is exotic maple top, alder sides and maple back which is matched to the top wood.




Wedge style, with slopping wings" deep from solid blocks of Exotic figured Maple.




Enhanced Flame with Amber burst or standard Jewel Top Transparent Finishes, opaque sides and backs, optional finishes (call for quotes).




Patented Tension Free™, with Hard Rock Maple backs.



Neck Width-

Width at Nut- 1.80" (custom small is 1.75").
Width at 22nd fret- 2.30".




24 type 6150 NS highly polished to 2000 grit and leather final finish.




Rosewood, Ebony or Maple, 12 inch radius.




Your choice, Seymour Duncan or the Single core

“Bunker Magnum” alnico 5 pickups




Bunker Individual “Top Mount Bridges” with Bell Brass individual intonators plated in black or chrome, 6 way adjustable.




  • Ebony or Rosewood P-Guard- $75.00
  • Ebony fretboards- $150.00
  • Tops- 5AAAA- $120.00
  • Bound Body's and Neck- $200.00
  • Left Hand Model- $300.00 




  • Hard Shell- $165.00
  • Soft bag- $85.00 




Our Custom Shop welcomes options regarding electronics, special woods, finishes etc., Please E-mail us or call for quotes on special purchases.

The Individual coil Bunker pickups, Individual "Through Body Bridge", and the 5 string set of black "Through Body Bridges" shown at the right are the highest level of electric modern bass guitar technology, and are exclusive to all Bunker basses.

The original 1970's Bunker Galaxy BassThis is the first Bunker Galaxy bass built. It was built in Tacoma Washington in 1973 and was the first wedge type, reverse tuning bass built. It featured wings that could easily be removed and changed, and also featured the original Bunker patented, "Tension Free Neck". It also had the first individual "Hex single coil pickups", and Bunker "Individual bridge system", for string clarity and cross talk elimination.





Shown here are some of the stages during construction of the Galaxy Stealth. These fine basses were first built in the early 1970’s. at Bunker Guitars, in Tacoma Washington.

single coild Bunker pickups

       The single coil pickup system

Individual Bunker Through Body Bridges

     The Panted "Bunker" bridge

5 String individual bridge assembly

      5 string Bunker Bridge set





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