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Elvis in Las Vegas the great 60's 70's

In the late 60's and 70's one our best friends and great artist, in fact the drummer who created" came up with" what was later known as country rock was a gentleman named Teddy Horton. I can't off the top of my head remember the club which was on the boulder highway about where the Showboat hotel and casino is where Teddy and his band played for so many years.

    It was Teddy who first introduced me to Elvis on one of his many engagements in Las Vegas. Although Teddy was quite a good  friend of Elvis I really never knew him well only casually, On several of Elvis's engagements I was able to get my children back stage to watch his show it was a thrill to them. Good times, great friends, thanks Ted  and any of the old band

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Comments by designer of the Electronic Muting system, Dave Bunker

As many people in the tap/touch world know I've dedicated my life to discovering how to make Touch Play easier and better. On my first patents of the early sixty's I used the manual "felt or other object a few inches up from the nut" to mute the strings.This worked, somewhat but always left lot's of unwanted noise and muddy notes. The Electronic mute eliminates all unwanted sounds such as hums, finger noise, slidding sounds.
     In coming weeks I will add much more to this content regarding the benefits that My Bunker Touch Guitar™ buyers and post some of there dynamic new music and sounds not only on my site but on

    Thanks and stay tuned, Dave Bunker

Bunker Guitars is expanding it's production facilities in order to keep up with increased sales requirements.Our new production facility in Port Angeles will soon be turning out greater numbers of your favorite guitars and be able to add greater support to our ever growing retail store needs.
     The outlet store in Mill Creek will not move, but will expand it's show room and have many more instruments on display. We also hope to add a Jam/chat room and later a teaching staff, if your are a teacher or know one let us know, or have them contact us.

We have succesfully sold all of our first run of Touch Guitars™ and have now added midi to the list of options you can get on the Touch Guitar™. And for you sceptics at EMP who scoffed at the Touch Guitar™ idea "surprise" everyone is doing good on them and finding them a very broad and exciting instrument. Keep it up everyone your great, and thanks from Dave I appreciate all of you.
As everyone who knows me knows I greatly respect the work and effort that went into Paul Allens Experience music project, but have always found it troubling that they have continually been critical of  the advanced technology which I promote yet are supposedly founded on new ideas and technology. What I really would expect before an idea such as the Touch Guitar™ is rejected is to at least see it, hear it and then make a decision; which I would respect.


Indonesian Ripoff of American guitar builders and sellers

I have had inquires from other guitar and bass companys such as mine to the extent of which they were ripped off by the Scam going on in Indonesia, (article in April Vintage Guitar Magazine). Many hundreds of Guitars were sold on credit cards and them later contested, never to see the guitar again and they take the money back out of your account and their weak country lets it all happen, along with our whimpy government.

If this has happened to you email me and I will forward it to my attorney. If enough of us complain we may be able to start a Class action suit to stop these low lifes. Thanks Dave/BG

Ive had so many inquiries from our friends and customers who knew we were in New York September 11th, 12th and 13th during these difficult times that I thought we should relate to you our experience.
Myself, My Daughter Teresa and her Husband John left Seattle on a red eye flight which left Seattle at 10:00 pm on September 10th and arrived in Newark at 8:05am just minutes after United flight #93 took off to it's tragic end in a Pennsylvania field. When traveling from baggage to the Car rental area on the tram we admired the beautiful world trade center buildings not knowing that within minutes what would happen. On driving out of the rental lot we were told by the attendant that one of the towers had been hit by an airplane. As we left the airport we looked in absolute disbelief at the burning # 1 tower. The next time we could see the towers we saw a plume of smoke and fire rise from # 2 tower. I'm really glad I didn't see the plane hit the building I think it would have been just too much.
When we reached our hotel which overlooked the Manhattan sky line it was a very tragic and sad view. People we talked to were just numb in disbelief, many actually openly crying. Soon when the first tower crumbled manhattan was obscured with dust and smoke, no longer visible across the water. Teresa and John had planned to be at the World trade center in Manhattan that fateful morning but thanks to a mistake on our original tickets and a change of airlines they din't make it."Thank God" We were unable to get out on Tuesday because of closed roads but on the morning of the 12th we started our drive back across America with lots of time to contemplate the horrible tragedy that had just hit our wonderful country.
God Bless America and it's wonderfully strong people who will bounce back and God have mercy on those who did this and to those who would use this to benefit themselves.

NEW YORK--the American Craft Museum of New York has chosen the Dave Bunker, Touch Guitar™ as one of it's feature's for it's Handmade by design exhibit which was scheduled for September 12 and 13th in mid Manhattan will soon be rescheduled . We will post the new dates soon!!!
Be sure not to miss this grea tbook OBJECTS FOR USE: Handmade by design  presented  by the American Craft Museum and  book publisher Harry N. Abrams ,inc

To order this great book "OBJECTS FOR USE" 
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Contest Winner Tim Mercy writes
Hello Sir,
I just want you to know that it is a crying shame that you have to cease building such a Fine instrument. In my honest opinion I Love My Bunker Guitar MORE than My Les Paul!!!!! The Quality is Superior to any other guitar that I have owned... Thank You So Much for Everything I am picking up the digital camera tomorrow so I can send the pictures to your email..
ps I Love the TENSION FREE neck That is such an awesome feature I will tell all about these great guitars and am going to talk to a few of the music stores and try to get them to carry the BUNKER line of guitars!
Once again Thank You
I will sing & play my heart out...
Tim Mercy

Thanks Tim, It's great folks like you who make our business a success
Dave Bunker, President BGT

Watch here!!!!! coming within weeks the most dynamic Pickup and tone system ever, with a range of tone and sounds you can't even emagine. We will be building this system into most of our solid body basses and guitars.

Go here for a few sneak peeks of our first sold out run of new Millennium Touch Guitars™. We are now starting our second run of production units.

Contest Winner Tim Mercy  with his great band DOWN on MERCY is our winner of our first Sweepstakes Contest.

 Tim Mercy has chose the BG2000 our deep cut archtop electric with a special ebony fingerboard inlayed with pearl and abaloni with his special logo. In a few weeks when the Guitar is done we will show it and make a special presentation."Congratulations Tim".
Bunker Guitar Technology also wishes to announce the launch of a new Internet development project named "I-Touch" (Interactive Touch).  I-Touch is an interactive teaching studio delivered in real-time via the
Internet and also includes a curriculum of free lessons for the benefit of all Touch Guitar™ players. We are getting more sign-in for this all the time and intend to have it opperating by the fall.

New dealers and teaching studios are currently being "signed." Those in business, interested in becoming an authorized dealer, may contact the company directly.  Opportunities are available local and abroad.






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