The Second ten years!!!!
        Dave Bunker Affair

  Tamra and Todd, at the Mill Creek Country club, two of the finest artist I have ever had the honor to work with, more video "Dave Bunker"
This group greatly improved hairdo wise,  most audiences didn't complain to much about the outfits, was popular and very talented, performing in many of the Great northwest top nite spots from 1975 to 1985.

The Touch Guitar™ shown here was special in that it had (popular at the time) built into it a farfisa organ, which gave Dave a lead guitar,bass and an organ all which could be played together.

Tami who still is one of Nevada's best entertainers is one of the most talented artist I ever had the privilage to work with. Tami  plays  multiple instruments well and at the same time is one the most versatile singer and song writers around.

Clyde Landsaw is one of the many guitarist who left the business for financial reasons yet is one fantastic guitar player. Clyde played a Classic Pro-Star Bunker guitar, sang great country and is just one nice person.

Jan took over one big job in 1980, replacing Jodi but did a fine job on drums and vocal plus we all had lots of fun," maybe too much", especially on our Alaska tours!!


                     Thanks Tami, Jan and Clyde for one big blast in music for 10-plus years, God bless you all