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   One of my favorite people with his new lefty MVP
   Custom Bunker.

    Jeremy says this guitar made me put my PRS and all other guitars away "for good"

     Jeremy also owns a Bunker Custon AT-200 
                  "more to come"


  This guitar was written up in Harmony Central
with positive 10's ratings.




Comments and Reviews

Arlen Roth

Custom Guitars and Basses
by Bunker

Mike Gosner
At Bunker Guitars were proud of our advanced technology in design and new ideas. 
great guy
Below is how mike feels about his Bunker products



There’s No Substitute…. For a Bunker Bass

    About four years ago, I walked into David Bunker Guitars not knowing what I was about to get into. Originally, I was looking for some parts for an acoustic that I was restoring. Much to my surprise, I learned very quickly this was no ordinary guitar store. His shop walls were decorated with some of the most beautiful guitars I’d ever seen. Behind the counter was the owner, Dave playing what I came to discover as a Touch Guitar™. It was a double necked, combination of guitar and bass, all in one. He was playing some old rock and roll, and then quickly switching to blues and then maybe some jazz. I was blown away by this unusual instrument with its’ amazing capabilities and sound quality. See the thing that left me awestruck, was that he was playing both necks, and both parts at the same time. The sound was clean, 
without any kind of finger noise or distorted tone what so ever. I soon discovered he was the creator and builder of these fine instruments. Needless to say, I was intrigued, like a little boy in a candy shop. Soon I realized he also made a complete line of bass guitars as well. Bass, being my first love, I wanted to get my hands on one of these beauties. Well, that was it. I was sold. I picked up a 355 five-string and fell in love. It was the most amazing playing and sounding instrument I’d ever played. From the five piece laminated tension-free neck to the independent bridge pieces with fine tuners. From the exotic flamed maple top to the choice EMG soapbars w/ the upgraded BTC circuit. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in a bass. Soon after that, Dave built me my own 355 headless. Everywhere I played, out or in the studio, people would ask me, “Who made that guitar?” Since then, he’s built a 356 fretted and a 356 fretless for me. Now, I must admit, I’ve owned other high end basses in the interim, whose names will remain nameless. And every time I find myself wondering why? The Bunker basses far exceed the quality and craftsmanship of any other comparable brand. I’ve since sold off all my other basses. Now, you may be asking yourself if Dave has asked me to put this little promo together for him. The answer is NO. For a long time, I’ve wanted an opportunity to tell anyone thinking about ordering one of his creations, to consider this: How much time and money are you willing to spend on another brand, hoping to get this kind of sound and playability, when there is a better choice for the same price. Take the BUNKER CHALLENGE!!! Do the research, compare all the brands, you will not find a better value for this caliber of craftsmanship. You will want to own one of these babies. 

6 string bassMike newest bass. 
Thanks Mike,  Dave Bunker

Derek Charboneau----- 6 string spalted 35" scale bass

spalt bass

Derek and bass

quality craftsmanship

      A proud new Bunker fan

      thanks Derek

solid copper lining, pocketed for             balance and tone


Shown here are some of the new model TG2000 Touch Guitars™ in there final stage of production. They are available in (shown) Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, Natural Quilt or flame and can be ordered in almost all popular exotic woods.

This is a custom TG-in Brazilian Rosewood. 

check out our Exclusive(patented) Through BodyBridge, standard on all of our new TG-2000 Touch Guitars™

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design each string has its very own bridge assembly.

This eliminates vibrations between strings, which at low frequencies, causes standard type bridges to sound muddy.

Machined with the care normally afforded a fine Swiss watch, ingots of quality Bell Brass and fine steel are transformed into elegant, precision devices. They are even equipped with Fine-tuners for each string to help make "tuning-on-the-fly" a breeze.

These fine bridges are included on all of our solid body basses. They are also available as retro-fit parts that come in a kit with full documentation for easy installation on the bass you already own.

With the Bunker Independent Bridge Design... Notes sound crisp, vibrant and clear and sustain is increased too!



Need more information?


Call for factory direct pricing direct 360-652-9148



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