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electric tension free bass guitars

Bunker rocks america

 The finest sound you will ever get on your bass, only with the "Bunker" Individual Bridge Bass System!   buy now       Call  206-718-9943 to order also and additional info




Bass Guitars XB





1970 Pro-Bass

2007 Pro basses can be custom ordered with special woods, pickups

Call for ordering—206-718-9943

If this isn’t the best bass you have ever played we will give you your money back on anything you want





bass string mount




This bass was designed for perfect balance and fullness of tone with absolutely no dead spots.



“As shown” With clear western one piece maple body your price starts at $2495.00





    Spalt body/head stock  add-$545.00

           Quilt 4A body/head stock  add-$475.00

    Fiddle back 4A body/head stock  add-$425.00

Other options available call-206-718-9943  email




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