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Barbara Mandrell and family

    I first met Irby Mandrell in Tacoma in the early 60's when he was a salesman for Mosrite guitars and Standell amplifiers at Ted Brown music. I was a crazy young kid who thought I had just invented the world with the Touch Guitar™.  It was the beginning of a great and long lasting friendship. The next year after we met Irby asked me to play the "then Duo-lectar" at the Namm show in Chicago at the Palmer House Hotel. It was at this engagement that Irby introduced me to Chet Atkins and later I was to meet Leo Fender for the first time. "Barbara was 10 years young" wow but was she talented. Another gentleman and his wife Rosy was Joe Maphis, probably one of the finest guitars ever. I really don't think anyone to this day can play some of the great music Joe played.
    In recent years I was invited back to perform with Louise Mandrell at several Nashville fan Fair  occasions, it was lot's of fun. They are one of the finest Family's and group of folks you could ever meet.
    I'll never forget when I was waiting for my first Cruise ship job at the Mandrells office in Hendersonville. Terry Quick of Entco International called and got Irby. I probably would have given away the farm just to get my first Cruise ship and was mortified when Irby started demanding everything but the moon, but you know what, He got everything he wanted, I guess power really does work.
    Anyway thanks to this wonderful family for all that they have done for me. Irby and Mary's house is my home when I'm in Nashville.

    In weeks to come I hope to dig out some the old photos of the early years with the Barbara Mandrell show when we were entertaining in southeast Asia during the Vietnam war.

the original Dave Bunker Show   I guess I really had it made in the good old days.

The Touch Guitar and the history of this unique instrument was selected by the Seattle Times as there feature story to run with the opening of the great Paul Allen EMP museum. "Check it out below"

-----Dave Bunker Biography
Why Dave Bunker is not singing the blues

After 40 years of tinkering, the dreamer of a new guitar holds in his hands not only an example of musical innovation and technological know-how, which EMP seeks to embody, but the work of a stubborn Northwest free spirit.

See the whole story!

The Seattle Times, over the course of the past eight weeks, interviewed Dave and his company in detail. Both in words and in color pictures you will find this interview featured as the "cover" story in Pacific Northwest magazine.

Be sure to pickup your copy of the Seattle Times and read (and see) all about Dave Bunker and his innovative instruments.

The magazine is included with the Sunday Edition of the Seattle Times.

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