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Choose from 3 different installation types.  No other Bass bridge in the world offers you this flexibility!

Whether your Bass has 4, 5 or 6 Strings, We have the Bridge for you.

Note: carefully space your bridges at exact position, drill a small 3/32 inch pilot hole at each post position, now recheck that they are at equal and acurate positions, NOW: use a .250 (F) drill to open 3/32 inch holes for bridge post. bridge post are at 1.5 inch spacing, donot let bridges touch on sides one to the other. best sapcing between bridges is .550 inches or wider.
Note: you must make the back plate for custom spacing. We can build the back plate if you send us a template. The back screws must be recessed from the back about 1/4 inch X3/8ths with the furnished 3/8th washer between the screw and the body. The front(closest to the neck) through post screw must rest on the top of the 3/8th inch washer.(se picture above (through body)

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