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The great ARLEN ROTH







Rich Dixon



Howard Leese


Nancy Wilson


Leo Satterfield

Earth, Wind, Fire

Jeff Cook


Al Haslow


Jack Bartly

Fire Fall

Dane Spencer


Mark Sissel

Chris Ledoux

John B Williams

Arsenio Hall - Studio

Nathan East

Eric Clapton

Verdlne White


JD Moffitt

Mel Telis

Arlon Roth


Bill Washer

Liza Minelli

Allen Woody

Allman Brothers

Randy Jackson

China Train


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Mark White

Spin Doctors

Dave Mizner

Poco (Eagles)

John Kirksey

Navy Band

Cameron Cressal


Amos Amerijo



 Top Players choose Bunker...


John Abercrombie
International jazz guitar legend

Howard Leese

Kjell Benner
QUIET RIOT, John Mellencamp, tours and sessions too numerous to list

Jerry Duplessis
FugeesBass player

Steve Bargonetti
NYC session guitarist - Quincy Jones, Eartha Kitt, Sesame Street

Fabian Cooke
Acclaimed reggae bassist, Lion King soundtrack

Thom Bresh
Fingerstyle superpicker like his dad, Merle Travis

Bill Washer
Session guitarist - Liza Minelli

Corey "Funkafangez" Stoot
Major hip-hop/R&B guitar, Original Gangstas soundtrack

Jason Simmons
The Manhattans

Michael Dempsey
Nashville session bassist, The Nichols Brothers

Chris Neubauer & Michael Fath
Michael Fath's Virginia Rangers

Craig Thatcher
Guitarist, singer/songwriter

Curtis Cornelius
Staff bassist for Caesars Resorts

Nancy Wilson



Arlen Roth - (Plays a Bunker AT 200)

"I look forward to every minute I play this guitar"

And the list goes on of Musicians that have played Tension Free Floating Necks for the last 20 years.









"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the work you did on a bass I sent to be retrofitted for a client of mine. It was a black Fender Active Jazz Bass with a bowed neck .  I was amazingly impressed with the craftsmanship. The sound of the bass, however, is what really makes it stand out: that bass was a live wire once I plugged it in. Bright, solid and rich...Harmonics are perfect. Itís everything you said it would be. It turned out that my clientís priorities changed when he was told by his wife that it wouldnít be the two of them anymore. I immediately offered to buy the bass from him and havenít regretted it for a moment. This also gave me the opportunity to evaluate the bass in a band setting: it definitely stand out without having to turn up the volume. I have been spreading the word to let people know their options. I like to let people know what works and what doesnít...your neck definitely works!"                                                          John Thrush






"I bought a $1600.00 neck through the body Jackson then I bought a Prostar III Custom for a lot less money. It has more sustain and plays easier than my Jackson. My Treker is my main guitar and I use my Jackson for a back up."                                            Cameron Cressall    CIRCUS





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