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Just Imagine this...

"The ability to play Guitar and Bass together, at the same time!" the best regular 4 or 5(opt) string standard bass you will ever play, you can even order it with the lower neck as a 26.5" inch scale guitar neck for either Touch Mode or standard play Mode.

Easy to play and with a sound so big and full bodied you wont believe your ears. 


SRP- $5,995.00 BGTG-2003CWalnut
Touch Guitar™ Factory direct $4,995.00

Click here for a complete description on how the
Touch Guitar™ is played



Our new Touch Guitar™ is the result of over forty years of development in guitar, bass and organ design.
The all new TG2001 Touch Guitar™ benefits from more than 6 U.S. Patents, making it the innovative instrument you can buy!

Bunker TG2001 Touch Guitar™ Features-

  • Touch Guitar™ Neck -

Fitted with angled super-alloy frets and
uniquely proportioned for proper ergonomics

  • Touch Bass Neck -

Full scale with a comfortable 12" radius and includes our
patented Tension-Free neck system

  • Hex-Humbucker Guitar Pickups -

12 Individual, Noise-cancelling units with 12 balance controls

  • Quad-Humbucking Bass Pickups -

8 Individual, Noise-cancelling units with 8 balance controls

  • Electro-Mute System -

Processor controlled, 12 Guitar and 8 Bass Channels

  • Volume and Panning Controls for Guitar -

Knob-within-a-knob design for fast, easy use

  • Dual Wide-Band Equalizers for Guitar -

Huge 15db range sliders, Individual for neck and bridge pickups

  • Volume and Panning Controls for Bass -

Knob-within-a-knob design for fast, easy use

  • Parametric Equalizer Controls for Bass -

Knob-within-a-knob design for Boost/Cut and Frequency Shift

  • Vertical Tuning Bridge for Guitar -

Constructed of Dupont Delrin and machined Brass

  • Fine Tuners for Guitar and Bass-

Each string has their very own fine tuner

  • Through Body Bass Bridges -

4 Individual, fully adjustable bridges

  • Adjustable Guitar and Bass Nut Assembly -

Lets you set open string height at both ends of the necks

  • Protective String Cover -

Vibration isolated to prevent unwanted mechanical noises

  • Mode Control Switch -

3-position mute selection

  • Stereo Output -

Lets you split the sounds of the Guitar and Bass

  • 9-volt jack -

Use external power adapter (supplied)

  • 9-volt Battery Pack

Removable on-board unit makes changing battery easy

  • Suggested retail price -  $4,295.00, call for our special factory direct
  • price available now.

Includes hard case, stereo cord and power adapter

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