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I wanted to write and let you know how much I m enjoying my custom made Bunker guitar.  It is absolutely the finest instrument I have ever held in my hands, no contest.  The tension-free neck is the greatest invention I ve ever seen on a guitar.  It makes the guitar come alive and play like butter!  But I have a new problem; you ve ruined me for all my other guitars.  I m seriously considering having some of my other guitars retro-fitted with Bunker tension-free necks.

The materials and workmanship on my Bunker are first-rate.  I really enjoyed the designing the guitar with you.  What a blast for any guitarist to be able to pick out the exact pieces of wood to be used to build his guitar.  To see it take shape over time and witness the birth of such a fine instrument was a great experience.

This is the instrument I ve always wanted.  It blows away my Les Paul, my Strat, my Ibanez, all of them!  I still can t believe that for the price of other designer guitars off-the-rack, I was able to have such a beautiful guitar custom built to my very demanding specifications.  And thank you for standing behind your workmanship.  It s such a joy to find someone who really takes pride in his work.    Mark Hopkins
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The Body is exotic quilt maple deep arched to over 3/4 of and inch in cherry red translucent finish. The Bridge is the Bunker Magnum in Gold, made from machined Bell Brass and plated with real Gold. The Pickups are Duncan Pearly Gates and tapped with a pull switch on the tone controls.

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The neck is ebony with pearl binding and pearl bow tie inlays 



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