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This beautiful guitar was built for guitarist Chan Beauvais

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Comments by Chan
Just wanted to drop you a note that this guitar is fabulous! It has better tone and overall playability than any guitar I own or have owned. I may want to move up to .10 gauge strings and reset the action, but other than that, this baby is perfect!  I have played and owned Les Paul Customs, Nighthawk, BluesHawk, SG, Ricks of all persuasions, and this bad boy just out does them all. I especially like cutting the bass and or treble with the splitter to get a "hollower" tone. Thanks again for all the hard work you put in to making this guitar the happening critter it turned out to be! I'll be in touch with regards to the BAT 375 I have in mind....

Chan Beauvais

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MVP Archtop Electric



Factory Direct-





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Scale Length-

25.5 inches, 12 inch Fingerboard radius.




Built from blocks of tone woods our standard model features best quality American Northwest Alder, or mahogony, Rockhard Maple and Premium grades of Ebony.
Other unique woods available at added cost.




Carved .8 inch Archtops from solid blocks of highly figured exotic Maple.




Natural Quilt or Flame with Amberburst or standard Jewel Top Transparent Finishes (see color choices) opaque sides and backs, optional finishes (call for quotes). Tung-oil Urethane semi-gloss finish or deep gloss poly finishs also available. 




Patented Tension Free© with Hard Rock Maple backs.



Neck Width-

Width at Nut- 1.70" (custom small is 1.65").
Width at 22nd  Fret- 2.220".




22 type 6150 NS highly polished to 2000 grit and leather final finish.




Rosewood, Ebony or Maple, 12 inch radius.




Featuring the Bunker Magnum® single string Humbuckers(each string has it's own pre-amp control) and Your choice, Seymour Duncan or Bill Lawrence Keystone 500XL's, other pickups are available at additional cost.




Bunker™ patented "Top Load" Magnum bridges with Bell Brass intonators plated in either gold or chrome, 6 way adjustable, or our patented Top Load ©Full dump Bridge




  • Ebony fretboards $150.00
  • Tops-5AAAA $120.00
  • Bound Body's and Neck $200.00
  • Left Hand Model $300.00
  • Middle Single Coil p/u $125.00
  • Middle Humbucker p/u $160.00 




  • Hard Shell- $145.00
  • Soft bag- $70.00 




Our Custom Shop welcomes options regarding electronics, special woods, finishes etc., Please E-mail us or call for quotes on special purchases.



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