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The Most Exciting Journey you will ever take!!!.
in the next few weeks and months we will be taking  you through the greatest new guitar styles and licks you could ever imagine. It will not only show you how to play the Touch Guitar™ dual neck instrument but also enhance your learning of new techniques on electric Bass and Guitar 




  Dear Friends,

Coming to these pages in a short time will be;
     1. Video showing the advantages of Touch type playing.
     2. Sound tracks which show the versatility of sounds.
     3. Method Charts (shown here) which show the many fingering combinations posible on the dualneck Touch Guitar™ musical instrument.
     4. Teaching Video showing a step by step learning of the Touch Guitar™ instrument.

Dave Bunker

Your fingers can be used (1) across the frets or (2) horizontal to the frets both styles work well. In most case's I use the first method and switch to the horizontal method when needed. You can also play both hands on either the wide neck or the Bass neck by picking or EVH type tapping style

Try It, You can actually copy these graphs and lay your fingers on the chord notes to see how easy it is to form chords and melody's on the Touch Guitar™. Because of the patented wide neck, Electronic mute you are able to move your hand freely anywhere on the neck without any unwanted sounds. You can slide, bend, tap even pull notes off to open. Open notes are off until you want them to sound.

Notice that the guitar and bass are both tuned to standard tuning's. The left hand plays the bass in the normal style while the right hand plays over the top on the wide neck. The thumb is used in this method as well as the pinkie which gives you five fingers to use on the upper (wide) neck.

Notice, if you play your thumb on any of the 1d  notes shown above see how easy it is to use your other fingers on almost any of the other chord or melody related note's  and also how you can change chords at will just by sliding up or down to other chord inversions or melody's, remember when you no longer have to pick the notes you can play them as fast as you touch them and because the instrument is always off you can move anyplace on the necks without any unwanted string noises or sound.

Hard Facts
On a six string guitar you use four finger on six strings, or in engineers language a factor of "24"---On the Touch Guitar™ you use nine finger on ten strings a factor of  "90". Some artist look at it as a 10 string guitar and other look at it as a 10 string bass, however it's approach it has the full scale of a grand piano and that's a lot!!
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