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Bunker guitars "Made in America"
a family business for over 40 years.

Dear friends and customers, I've had so many Questions about my wonderful family that I've decided to dedicate this page just to them as they are so very special and important to me in my on going crazy life of music and Guitar manufacturing.





The David L.Bunker Family of Utah

   David my son and Family live in rural southern Utah where they raise a wonderful family of 6.  David builds Treker Guitars and Basses while also being an outdoorsman with his children hiking and fishing throughout the Rocky mountains of Utah.  Marylyn a wonderful mother home teaches the children and writes and produces children books and other great art items.

Joel Davids oldest boy (shown here)who lives in Sumner Washington has become very involved in the young Christian work throughout the world. and plays guitar for enjoyment

Sometimes I believe that my 3 childrens familys are as different as daylight and darkness. Each has taken there own special path through life and earned great respect and love from all those who are lucky enough to be part of there lives, I'm one of them, everyday I bless my maker for the strong love in our family.

The John & Teresa Reinholz Family

 Teresa and John are great parents who raise there children in the Catholic Church and School. Coach and Father John is very active with his girls Erin and Britt who are fully involved in sports, Ballet and music lessons, yet still seem to have much time left for there friends. Mom Teresa is the family matriarch who seems to keep everybody in tow and all of the family functions functioning and also gets heavily involved in the girls activities

The Brenda Bunch

  Now this is the side of the family I can more relate to. Just look at the photo taken in Pennsylvania during the PBC Guitar years when Brenda worked for me, don't we all look like were a little strange somewhere between the Brady Bunch and the Adams family
Brenda is a very talented singer/guitar player and good mother who writes her own original songs and performs on stage with her father whenever possible. Rocky an accomplished guitar/vocalist who does proffesional Karioki and somehow manages to keep this wild bunch in line.
This is my best friend





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