The "DAVE BUNKER" show 2009
Having a lot of fun with my family at the evergreen state fair

The original 
        Dave Bunker Show
 This group of wild outfits,hairdoes and guitars was one of the hi-lites of the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas for over 10 years. That was when the Nugget was a real live entertainment spot with music going around the clock.

All of the guitars were built by Dave for his group and as you may note were very original. Each of the girls instruments featured on board mike attachments so they could wiggle and move around at will, it worked.

Jody was the mother of the girls and some folks say kept Dave in line and away from all those Vegas girls who liked to frequent the Nugget during those years, were not sure if this worked or not!!, She also was a fine Drummer and vocalist for the group.

Vicki who was taught to play guitar by Dave was a fine singer, song writer and a great guitarist, doing such songs on stage as Malequena, the good the bad and the ugly theme and many more popular tunes at the time.

Patti was not only a very sweet lady but also very talented on both vocal and rhythm guitar. Patti carried the group with her wit and charm. Some people say Dave did these hair creations for the girls but he has never admitted it.

Little Dixie may have been the youngest but she was the dynamite of this group. Dixie could knock out songs like how ya gonna keep em down on the farm, pink shoe lace's, there's a man who comes to our house and many others. Dixie also did wipe out and other solo's on the drums.

       Thanks Charlie and his girls for such a wonderful Experience in music for 10-plus years, God bless you all