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The Dynamic 1970 Astral Re-Issue


This is the guitar that Guitar Player magazine said was 25 years ahead of its time in 1970

and that many have tried to copy but never could, a really special guitar for really special


If you don’t own the Astral, you don’t have the best


This is the original Winged headless guitar built and patented by Bunker in the late 60’s. Today it has been re-visited with modern sounds and technology and is truly the sweetest thing you will ever wrap you hands around.


Here it’s shown in rich black walnut with fabric covered alder wings(changeable) as shown $4,985.00

Today: State of art, great balance and tone. Call for details—206-718-9943





Bunker Guitars—Built UP to a standard not DOWN to a price

  • new

  • All of these instruments are hand made by
  • Dave Bunker, the original designer/builder


Call for custom pricing 206-718-9943


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